IDC blames carbon tax for Aussie PC Slump

Beancounters at IDC have come up with a novel reason why the Australian PC market is suffering.

Instead of claiming it is all to do with everyone moving to iPads, IDC is blaming the carbon tax and interest rates.

There were 1.55 million units shipped in the first quarter of 2012 to Australia and New Zealand, IDC said, comprising of 1.35 million PCs to Australia and 0.2 million to New Zealand. This is a 12 percent drop for Oz.

IDC market analyst Amy Cheah wrote that business spending was low and customers were waiting for Chipzilla’s Ivy Bridge, which was unveiled in April.

She argued that one of the reasons for depressed spending was the fact that businesses in Australia were jolly depressed. The carbon tax as one of several factors which “continued to weigh down consumer and business sentiment in Australia”.

Curiously, the carbon tax has not been implemented in Australia yet so it is a little strange that it has been identified as stopping PC sales.

Cheah said the idea that tablets were cannibalising notebook sales was a myth. They had caned the netbook market, a category that was already on the decline.