IBM predicts the technology that will change our lives

Every year Big Blue comes up with a list of technology that it thinks will change our lives over the next five years.

This glorious five year plan is interesting because sometimes people who wear suits get some things right.

After a rigorous process, involving Tarot cards, a liquid lunch, analysing the flights of swallows and skrying into the toilet floor tiles, IBM has come up with the following list:

Smaller batteries that last 10 times longer than today’s.

3D holograms which do not need glasses will be everywhere.

IBM hopes to harness the energy produced by massive farms of computer servers and use it to heat and cool other buildings.

A Personalised GPS which uses real-time traffic data, advising alternate routes, and telling you where parking spots are.

IBM believes that sensors in smart-phones, cars, computers, and social networks will help scientists get a real-time picture of where and how you live. In other words, ordinary people will be able to donate their personal data to help scientific research.

Somehow in the next five years all this will change your life. IBM has given us a video to show how it all works.