IBM looks to low end server market with PowerLinux system

IBM has introduced new PowerLinux systems, using Red Hat and SUSE Linux software with its Power 7 processors.

Big Blue is looking to lean on the cost effectiveness of Linux , targeting a wider range of businesses dealing with Big Data and delivering infrastructure services.

A Linux service will be launched as part of the PureFlex System, aimed at lower ends of the market, as well as a stand alone PowerLinux system, aimed mid market and above.

PowerLinux Solutions are aimed at also providing cost benefits to business, offering swifter deployment times and freeing up IT for other jobs, with the system designed to match the performance requirements for any given job.

The PowerLinux 7R2 System is a two socket rack server, supporting 16 Power7 microprocessor cores, and with a choice of Linux OS.

The system has built in PowerVM for PowerLinux hypervisor, and can run multiple Linux workload to lower stack costs for virtualised infrastructure.