IBM introduces Storwize V7000

IBM is letting loose a couple of storage products aimed squarely at workloads like transaction processing and realtime analytics.

One of them is the Storwize V7000. It is a midrange disk storage system which has been built for simplifying admin tasks like set-up and management. IBM claims it can reduce storage rack space by “up to 67 percent” compared with similar offerings. It has integrated software to keep storage efficiency top of the agenda, which IBM boasts will help free up clients from buying piece parts or making price and capability trade-offs. 

Included is IBM tech such as the System Storage Easy Tier software, which automatically moves the most active data – for example, payment transactions – over to solid-state drives to keep on top of priorities. Secondary, less urgent data is moved to more cost effective storage.

It’s got ProtecTIER technology, which IBM snapped up in 2008, which scratches out data duplicates. There’s also the XIV high end disk storage architecture it picked up in the same year, which keeps on top of intensive workloads. The V7000 system makes use of IBM’s information archive, combining disk and tape storage so that data is backed up long term.

Also out is the System Storage DS8800. IBM says it offers 40 percent faster performance than the 8700 according to in house testing. It has updated the SAN Volume Controller software, including Easy Tier, which it says offers an improved admin GUI with increased scalability.

IBM says it has enhanced its Tivoli v4.2 software as well, enhanced for midrange systems. The Systems Director Storage Control software is out too, which promises to manage storage, servers and networks through one interface.