IBM goes into Wilhelm Reich mode – it's cloudbusting

Big Blue said it’s extended its cloud computing ideas by introducing a Power appliance and a software only stack.

This is part of its Cloudburst family, offering pre-integrated cloud service delivery and using Power 7 hardware while also offering the software to run on non-IBM as well as IBM systems.

Cloudburst, explained Big Blue, is the notion of integrating hardware, storage, networking, virtualisation and service management software to create a “private” cloud environment. It claims that by offering these types of systems it can cut IT labour costs by up to 95 percent.

The IBM Service Delivery Managr deploys applications automatically, the company said.

Customer wins include SAP, the Municipal Software Park in Dong Ying, China and Jordan University of Science and Technology.

The Power appliance uses Power 750 servers and can support between 160 and 2,900 virtual machines. IBM claims that these kind of private clouds using Power machines are 70 percent less expensive than standalone X86 servers – but gives no evidence for this claim. The machine will ship in mid December.

The software stack will also be ready in mid-December, while IBM Cloudburst v2.1 on System X – it uses IBM HS22V blades with more memory and the ability to run 30 or more virtual machines a blade is available now.