IBM faces supercomputer competition from Japan

Big Blue is facing a challenge in the big tin market from former serious Japanese contenders NEC and Fujitsu, according to a report.

They might face an uphill struggle, particularly so as they intend to target foreign markets, going head-to-head against IBM, which has already a well established position in these markets. IBM, later this year,  is going to roll out the Blue Waters machine using 40,000 POWER7 microprocessors at the University of Illinois.

The companies see a place in the sun as demand grows for giant machines that can supercrunch their way through massive data processing tasks, according to

NEC, for example, will build a supercomputer using graphics chips and will roll out additional models over the next two years. Fujitsu will develop a supercomputer aimed at the weather forecasting market, according to the report, which you can find here (subscription required).