IBM buys TMS

Big Blue has bought the high-performance solid state memory maker TMS.

According to AP, TMS is part of IBM’s cunning plan to stay ahead as spinning disks used to store data in computer hard drives becomes old hat.

IBM did not say how much money changed hands in the deal but it did say that TMS products  complement “smarter computing” systems promoted by IBM.

IBM systems storage and networking general manager Brian Truskowski said that solid state technology was critical to IBM’s new “Smarter Storage” approach to the design and deployment of storage infrastructures.

IBM has been developing what it calls a “holistic approach” that uses flash alongside cheaper disk and tape technologies.

But solid state improve performance, cuts server sprawl, power consumption, cooling, and floor space requirements.

The buy out means that Fusion-IO, which is a maker of flash-based plug-in boards for server computers, could also face a buy-out. There are also implications for the storage systems vendors such as as EMC.

TMS is a quiet competitor of Fusion- io which makes a slightly better product. But Fusion-io could suffer a minor setback if IBM favored the TMS PCIe cards and related caching software over its products. This could make it a tasty target for HP. EMC might not be happy about the deal which boosts IBM’s storage operations and if HP gets its paws on Fusion-IO it will be jolly cross.