IBM builds $8.3 million super computer in Québec

Big Blue  has built a $8.3 million supercomputer for McGill University so that the French wanna-bes will be able to evolve Canadian civilisation so that it does not want to hit baby harp seals over the head.

IBM is going to build a supercomputer cluster able to support the data intensive research activities of the CLUMEQ High Performance Computing Consortium. It will be the most powerful supercomputer in Quebec and the second-most energy-efficient data centre in Canada.

Dubbed Guillimin, the name was inspired by the maiden name of the wife of Jame McGill, the founder of the university and has storage for a quadrillion bytes of information and has the computing power of 2,400 computers, the press release enthuses.

It is based on IBM’s iDataPlex system which means racks of two Intel Xeon 5600 series 3.06 GHz (6-core) or 3.20 GHz (4-core) chips and two GPU adapters. It has 16 DDR-3 DIMM slots of up to 192 GB per serve

Quebec has been pushing out the boat in the R&D area lately and McGill’s CLUMEQ aims to provide high-performance computing (HPC) capabilities to fully support the research activities of the Quebec and Canadian universities.

The computer will look at areas such as high-energy physics, nanotechnologies, computational fluid dynamics, climate research, brain imaging, biology and life sciences. It will also support the Atlas research project linked to the European Organiaation for Nuclear Research (CERN) project.

IBM is getting a bit long in the tooth lately and is coming up to its 100th unbirthday, according to the Beeb