Hungarian bloke wins Intel Pentium G6950 overclocking challenge

The HWBOT Overclocking league Pentium G6950 challenge winner has been announced, and it’s a bloke calling himself over@locker886 from Hungary using a Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD7 motherboard.

He managed to work a huge 5.85 GHz from an overclocked Pentium G9650 and scored a total of 40 points by leading the way in four different benchmarks. The benchmarks used were SuperPi and wPrime, chosen because they are particularly intensive, stress the processor a lot and show off system stability at the high end of overclocking. 

The bloke was able to ring in seven seconds and 781ms on the SuperPi 1M benchmark, absolutely trouncing the second and third place winners – who were more evenly matched.

For winning, Gigabyte is going to ship him a new UD7 motherboard and an Intel i7 930 processor. Full results are below:

You can check out the HWBOT website here

Gigabyte has also released a pair of free overclocking tools. Hotkey OC, where users can share profiles by email, Skype, MSN and the rest of it, can be found here  while Cloud OC, which facilitates PC overclocking through any web-enabled advice such as smartphones, can be downloaded here . They’re both .exes.