Huawei makes bid for internet of things

William Xu, HuaweiTelecomms giant Huawei has decided to enter the internet of things (IoT) game and has announced an operating system it believes can unite the world of disparate devices.

Huawei showed off the Agile IoT plan, whih includes an OS called LiteOS. William Xu, chief strategy officer at Huawei (pictured) kicked off the concept at a Huawei conference in Beijing.

There are no standards for the internet of things as TechEye has repeatedly pointed out, and big players such as IBM, Apple, Intel and others believe they can dominate the connection game.

But Huawei says its operating system will be a free and open standard and that will help push vendors to create devices that can communicate with each other.

Huawei believes that in 10 years time a 100 billion connections will be generated with two million new sensors deployed every hour.

The Agile platform contains not just LiteOS, but an IoT gateway and a controller.

LiteOS only takes up 10KB of memory, and supports zero configuration, auto discovery and auto networking.

Huawei will have to convince other vendors in the chain to adopt LiteOS to have any chance of becoming the global standard. But Lu Shaowei, president of switch and enterprise products at the company said it’s already been talking to other industry players.