Huawei hits out at China bashing

Huawei has angrily hit out at a congressional report warning of security risks from its telecom equipment as “an exercise in China-bashing”.

Huawei said the report by the House Intelligence Committee, which warned of national security risks from equipment from Huawei and fellow Chinese firm ZTE, was “utterly lacking in substance.”

The US committee claimed that US companies who bought Huawei gear did not care about security as they could be giving all their secrets to the Chinese government. They also claimed that Huawei and ZTE were too close to the Chinese military.

Huawei requested the congressional investigation a year ago in an effort to clear the air and help provide a better understanding of how the telecom equipment industry shares a “global supply chain” that may lead to security vulnerabilities.

But instead the US ignored all the facts and dismissed 10 months of open information sharing,” he said.

A Huawei spokesman William Plummer, said that the report was little more than an exercise in China-bashing and misguided protectionism.

The company is worried that if the committee’s recommendations to block access to contracts and acquisitions for Huawei and ZTE are carried out, “it would set a monstrous market distorting precedent which could be used against American companies doing business overseas.”

Beijing has asked Washington to “set aside prejudices” and “do things that will benefit China-US economic cooperation instead of the contrary.”

Both Huawei and ZTE have repeatedly denied any ties with the Chinese government.

ZTE, in a statement published by China’s Xinhua news agency, said its equipment is “safe” because the company is transparent, globally focused publicly traded company.

It does seem a little strange that the US is so adamantly against the Chinese companies while the country’s NATO allies, such as the UK, seem keen to work with them,  In the UK Huawei works closely with MI5 which is a little odd for such a security risk.