HP WebOS roadmap leaked

Hacks at Precentral  have been handed a leaked HP roadmap from a deepthroat at the expensive printer ink maker.

An internal presentation shows what HP will be doing with its WebOS from the Veer 4G’s launch in May/June through the third quarter.

Since launch of the Veer and Wi-Fi TouchPad have already occurred, we know it is fairly accurate and probably means that the rest of the dates are about right.

In August HP will bring a flagship version of the TouchPad. It will be “glossy white”, 64Gb and have a CPU boosted to 1.5Ghz. It will probably be based around a higher-clocked version of the same Qualcomm APU found in the current TouchPad.

It’s not clear if the 64Gb TouchPad will also be offered another more reasonable colour.

In August, HP is releasing the AT&T HSPA+ “4G” TouchPad. This will be black and have  32Gb onboard. This spec matches up with the just officially announced TouchPad 4G and will also carry the 1.5Ghz CPU found in its 64Gb sibling.

The slides mention the Pre 3, which was was supposed to be with us in July and then August. It has now been moved to an unspecified Autumn date when there will also be a seven inch version of the TouchPad nicknamed “Opal”.

The slide indicates that HP only offered a limited quantity of the 16Gb TouchPad SKU as the 32Gb version had much higher margins.