HP Ultrabook rumoured in the works

Despite being in a muddle about its Personal Systems Group, Hewlett Packard is tipped to launch devices with Intel’s Great Hope, the Ultrabook form factor, at least according to the latest round of Chinese whispers.

It’s a definite possibility. Although the future of the company’s PC division will remain a mystery at least until the end of this month, HP stalwart Ann Livermore announced that HP will be making a tablet computer. No talk of an Ultrabook, but it means there are at least new devices on the roadmap.

Digitimes’ friends in the Taiwanese supply chain have spilled the beans on HP’s plans. According to Digitimes’ sources, HP contracted the huge Quanta to work on ODM production for its very own Ultrabooks at the end of this year. 

Meanwhile, say the same lot who ignore the mantra “Loose Lips Sink Chips”, Dell has ordered Wistron to work on a 14 inch model which should appear at CES 2012 in Vegas.

Then Acer has brought in Wistron as the ODM for the 13.3 inch Aspire S3, they say, while Compal will work on the 15 inch model. Compal will also look after Lenovo’s IdeaPad U300s, and Pegatron will be drafted in for Asustek’s UX21 and UX31. 

We’ve contacted HP for comment but nada so far.