HP Slate should not be written off yet

While the early reviews of HP’s Slate might have been pants, the tablet is attracting the attention of a brand of more off the wall analysts.

Digitimes has been having a few words with some its chums and it thinks it might be the dark horse that really is a game changer.

True it will not defeat the iPad in its market, but it could have a greater impact on the netbook market than Apple could dream of.

When the Slate was originally announced it was going to kill off Jobs Mob. The only problem was that it was not as nice and didn’t come with the iPad’s hype.

True the HP Slate is guaranteed to support Adobe Flash and is equipped with user friendly features such as a webcam and USB port. Apple is rumoured to deliver the webcam and the extra USB in its next generation.

Howver the feeling is that HP Slate’s hardware and software combination is not expected to be as good as that of the iPad to be considered competition.

This is the problem. By claiming it is an iPad killer HP has made a mistake. It should have positioned it as a netbook killer which it does very well and at a price that is a little cheaper than the iPad.

Looking at the spec of the Slate it is clear that the thing actually does stuff. But unlike the iPad which pretends it is something more than a netbook without a keypad, the Slate is a netbook without a keypad but with the specs to do that role.

Along with Windows 7 it makes it a better component for a business market than anything Jobs Mob has. It is the same market for those who would have bought their staff netbooks. Whereas the iPad is a consumer product for those who might have bought a Kindle.

The jury is out on who will be the winner. But it is not a good idea to write off the Slate yet.