HP shelves Android tablet plans

The maker of over priced printer ink, HP is likely to shelve plans for an Android based tablet.
The tablet had been expected by the end of the year, but HP has  postponed it.

It is the second time HP has pulled a tablet project.  Its first idea was to issue a tablet based on Windows 7.

When the Windows 7 project was canned, many expected Android to jump straight out of the box. Instead it is starting to look like HP wants to release something based on the WebOS. In April, HP proceeded bought Palm for $1.2 billion, and with it the efficient webOS platform.

This means that HP can copy Apple, not in the technology, the WebOS is much better than anything the iPad has, but in Jobs’ Mobs control over hardware, software, and ecosystem.

For a while the industry has wondered how Steve Jobs could have successfully flogged a tablet which no one has wanted for years.  While some of us just thing it is his legions of tame, and stupid fanboys who would buy an iTurd if it had an Apple logo on it, HP things it is his walled garden of delights which has netted all the users.

All this means that HP does not want to create an Android tablet which would let people stray into Google land where it has no control.

To make matters worse for any would-be control freak, Google insists on certain hardware requirements for Android that many tablets cannot reach.

If HP is wrong, and it really was the stupid fanboys, then it can adapt its tablet to Android and hope.

HP is also aware that Android itself is not really up to the world of tablets yet. The highest resolution is 854×480 which is useless for a tablet in the 6-to-10-inch range.

There are no rumours as to when a webOS tablet will hit the shops.  HP has to get its walled garden built to run alongside the new OS and this might take a while.  Our guess is that it will be in the second quarter of next year.