HP says it's committed to the TouchPad and webOS

HP has posted an intriguing statement to its UK Facebook. After SAP Action Man Apotheker announced he wanted to make HP as boring as possible, slashing selling costs on the TouchPad – which just launched – to clear inventory, the company claims it’s still dedicated to webOS.

It’s a funny way of showing it. Microsoft has already noticed there’s an earner to be had in snapping up jilted webOS developers. But HP declares it is committed.

The post reads: “HP stands behind the webOS experience and intends to expand the webOS community, drive innovation and engage webOS customers for life. With the new pricing actions in place, HP looks forward to customer feedback as we continue to enhance the platform. HP is fully committed to the ongoing support and service of customers who purchased webOS devices.”

Some people will be chuffed that they have got an expensive rectangle on the cheap since the price cut, but the two early adopters who shelled out for the TouchPad immediately will together be regretting their 500 squid purchase.

Not to worry though, according to HP. Despite dumping its product line to focus on the markedly un-consumery enterprise, it’s engaging webOS customers “for life”. For whose life? webOS’? Because that particular product is making its way to the gallows.