HP releases stylish all-in-one Z1 workstation

HP has debuted a new range of workstations in the UK, with the Z1 offering a rather stylish take on a typically bulky sector.

All in ones are not usually aimed at those requiring serious computing power, but HP has made some achievements in creating a high performance machine housed inside a 27 inch screen.

With Xeon processors and dedicated Nvidia Quadro graphics, not to mention the potential for multiple solid state drives, there is a lot going on behind the screen.  And with 32GB of ECC DDR3 memory it is certainly going to beat your average all in one.

Of course, the Z1 will set you back a good bit more than your average one piece PC, with the starting price at around £1,300, though with many different configurations this could easily reach a lot higher.

HP is aiming the workstation at high processor intensity applications, with animation or design applications, and the potential for extremely fast rendering.   It would certainly not look out of place in the media offices surrounding the Soho venue that HP picked to showcase its workstations.

Clearly a lot of work has gone into the design.  HP’s lead developer Jim Zafarana even decided changing up its team to get the right designers on board.   The result is impressive, with easily accessible and removable innards taking centre stage over the 2560 x 1440 LED Backlit HP widescreen monitor.

Just like the rest of its Z range work stations, the ability to access “mission critical” parts without much effort was clearly at the fore of the design.  This means that taking out disk drives or any other components can be taken out and replaced very easily.

The insides of the machines gave HP staff a chance to coo over the design, making various comparisons to ‘popping the hood’ of a Ferrari.  Even the way that the lid of the Z1 is lowered safely into place when closing gave the impression that we might have inadvertently stepped into an episode of Top Gear.

Amongst a room full of other HP PCs and notebooks, including HP’s self proclaimed “sexy” UltraBook (put it in a sexy Ultrabag), the fact that a workstation was able to divert attention is no mean feat.

In-built speakers which face outwards rather than straight down into below the desk show more of the attention to detail, while the ability to lock in internal USBs provides safety.

A Blu-ray player has also been fitted into the machine, which will see a UK release in April.