HP releases new thin clients

For years the industry has awaited the return of the thin clients and now it seems that HP is keen to help corporations get into the act.

The downside of thin clients is that they depend on networking and users hate the fact that they do not have much personal processing power.

The maker of expensive printer ink has announced the HP t610 Flexible Series Thin Client and HP t510 Thin Client which it thinks can deal with these problems.

HP claims that the Thin Client range provides enough power to the desktop while still enabling corporates to benefit from the use of thin clients for security and data protection.

The HP t510 and HP t610 have a dual-core  AMD G-series processor with integrated discrete-class AMD Radeon graphics that offload computing from the server to the chipset. This means that users can stream multimedia and work with high-definition graphics.

The HP t510 and HP t610 also manage multiple monitors and remote connections which have been a bit beyond thin clients.

HP claims that the thin clients are ideal for industries such as healthcare, financial services, public sector and retail, where employees must often access sensitive data.

The two machines have hard identification security as well as a broad set of tools to simplify management.

HP says that the HP t610 is the industry’s first thin client to feature both a BIOS (basic input/output system) that complies with the security recommendations of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and an on-board Trusted Platform Module that protects access to networks under the certification requirements of the Trusted Computing Group.

The HP t510 Thin Client has a starting price of $259 and the HP t610 Flexible Series Thin Client has a starting price of $399. The devices are expected to be available in March in the Asia Pacific and Japan region, and in April in the Americas and Europe, the Middle East and Africa.