HP releases Fusion laptops

One of the more dynamic things that HP’s action man Leo Apotheker decided before he was fired was to sign up his outfit to be one of the early adopters of AMD’s Fusion.

Given the mixed reviews that Fusion has received, all stating that the chip is not as bleeding edge as many would have liked, it is starting to look like it is all another exciting decision from Apotheker.

Apotheker wanted HP to dump its PC business and become exactly like his former business software outfit SAP, which was so interesting and exciting that no one was really sure what it did.

HP has announced it will begin offering Pavilion laptops with AMD’s newest Fusion APUs, and the big idea is that it will provide punters with an inexpensive desktop replacement that could compete with the performance of Intel’s processors. Although the early indications are that it isn’t.

PCMag pointed out that the new HP Pavilion dv6-6145dx contains the AMD A8 APU, but the performance is lacklustre, and the price isn’t that much cheaper and the battery life is a bit short.

The best that can be said about it is that while it may not match the raw processing power of an Intel system, the HP dv6-6145dx will still handle most user’s needs and be quite good at gaming.

Observers think that the Fusion range will not get interesting until next year and until then it would seem that HP has ended up with a gizmo which is as thrilling as its former CEO.