HP readying ARM servers for client testing

HP could be readying ARM-based servers for client testing as early as the second quarter of 2012.

According to anonymous server market sources cited by Digitimes, HP is almost ready to unleash some low powered ARM servers on its favourite customers to have a prelaunch tinker with the technology.

ARM and Intel have both been developing lower power servers based on chips which are usually found in mobile applications, such as Intel’s Atom.  However, the servers are still largely being developed and HP is also figuring out how best to incorporate the technology into its own products.

As part of its multi-year development plan Project Moonshot, which was launched last November, HP has been targeting more efficient data centres with less power hungry servers for certain tasks.

Now, HP is thought to be ready to push on with the project and get some feedback from a portion of its customer base, with testing to begin in the second quarter.

Project Moonshot will also be using Intel’s Atom range, as well as other processors, in order to develop further low-energy products, according to the sources.