HP readies next generation of mission critical SSDs

Sources close to Hewlett Packard in the US said the company is set to introduce solid state drives (SSDs) aimed firmly at the enterprise market.

The drives are likely to be released in the June/July time frame, perhaps to coincide with the introduction of the DL980-G7, as we exclusively revealed recently.

Specs for the drives are rather impressive – they have dual ported 6G-SAS connections, a claimed 100 percent duty cycle under unconstrained workloads, and a three to five year service life.

Described by HP as “second generation” SSDs for servers, they have a claimed write performance sustained throughput of 180MB/s. a read performance sustained throughput of 230MB/s and 560MB/s for the SAS function.

The 6GB SAS SSDs will come in capacities of 200GB plus, and use SLC NAND technology. Power consumption will be up to nine watts.

HP will also offer “value” 400-500GB SSDs using NLC NAND, but these are intended for one year service life and intended as boot devices.

HP claims that the SSDs will give random IO performance far better than “traditional” hard drives.