HP PSG hints at spin-off company

The head of HP’s Personal Systems Group in the UK and Ireland has released a statement to the press, probably to sooth confused migraines about HP’s seemingly bizarre definition of commitment to its products.

First off, he says, HP’s not quitting the PC business. But there are three options. According to Hunter, whether the company “is spun off, sold or kept in the HP portfolio”, the UK team will still support the products and servicces. Two of the options seem more likely than the other.

Anyone who has bought into webOS, future or existing HP products will have their devices supported – under the terms of their warranties. HP PSG says it will support the future development of webOS but can’t say how. It’s, apparently, under discussion.

Hunter lists off some enticing figures about how well HP PSG is doing in the UK, touting billions of dollars and namedropping its 180,000 channel partners. HP PSG is continuing to operate in the UK as “business as usual”.

Apparently we’re going to see more advertising and marketing in the UK as it plans to shift its boxes.

There are some hints about HP PSG UK’s future. He indicates that the times are a changin’, but the team in the UK will be leading the business “to a new and prosperous future”. It appears that just which direction the products group will take is not set in stone, not yet.