HP planning tons of webOS devices over the next year

HP has promised to deliver potentially dozens of new devices packing the webOS operating system over the next year.

The news came from Rahul Sood, Chief Technology Officer at HP’s gaming division, who revealed that HP is planning a “wide range” of webOS devices over the next twelve months.

“You will certainly see products released over the next 12 months, some sooner than others, and some which are very exciting to me,” he said on his blog. “The stuff that excites me the most are the new form factors. Now, when I said ‘over the next 12 months,’ I really mean over the next 12 months. Not at the end of 12 months, not tomorrow…but over the next 12 months we will see the makings of a new portfolio and the beginning of something great again.”

It’s not clear which products HP is working on, but it appears keen to enter a number of different markets.

The webOS platform has already been employed on several smartphones, such as the Palm Pre, but it has yet to receive a once-over by HP which has said it will not build Windows Phone 7 smartphones.

It also dumped plans on an Android tablet while a webOS tablet called the HP Hurricane is being worked on, not to mention a potential iPad contender, the PalmPad, a name that HP trademarked recently.

Sood also commented on HP’s acquisition of Palm for $1.2 billion back in April.

He said Palm was such a small company compared to HP, with “less access to resources”, all of which the webOS platform needs to succeed. He said that HP, as a big company, can bring a lot of good to webOS, but that it will also bring new challenges, but he refused to comment on any specific difficulties.

He said that app developers will “flock to HP” since it’s easy to port games over to the platform.

Sood also said that those who have defected from webOS products will come back when they see some of HP’s new webOS offerings.