HP Pavilions hit by logic board failures

Maker of expensive printer ink, HP, said that its Pavilion range is suffering from a high rate of logic board failures.

HP is offering customers a one-year warranty extension to cover possible repairs.

The problem covers numerous models in its Pavilion line. Apparently they have system boards with a slightly higher than expected failure rate.

Named and shamed are the Pavilion Elite HPE-4xx, Pavilion P66xx and Pavilion Slimline S5660f desktops. They were all built between June and July 2010.

Apparently have have flakey motherboards which fail to give any video at start up, stop responding and sulk.

The problem is not enough for a recall of the machines, HP said. But an extra year of warranty to the existing plans that cover the PCs should sort it out.

HP said that in all cases it will repair the system by replacing the motherboard free of charge. It will also pay for round-trip shipping between the user and its repair facilities.

Turn-around time for a PC with a bad motherboard may be as long as three weeks, HP warned.

“After HP receives your computer, HP will use its best efforts to repair and ship your computer to you within 10 to 14 business days,” the online support document said.