HP Hurricane tablet could arrive by end of year

A new HP tablet running WebOS may be here by the end of the year, according to inside reports.

The Tablet, dubbed “Hurricane”, will run the operating system HP acquired from buying out Palm for $1.2 billion last week. While the transition won’t be complete until the end of July it seems that HP was discouraged by early reviews of its Slate tablet running Windows 7 and is now hard at work on bringing WebOS to its hardware.

With Palm’s operating system under its belt HP may be able to bring some powerful competition to the iPad. The Linux-based platform is incredibly fast and packed with features, and has only be unveiled on two phones so far, the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi.

How well it fairs on an HP device, however, all depends on what kind of hardware HP matches it with. If it’s anything like the Slate we’d expect a 1.6GHz processor and 1GB of RAM, which is significantly more than what the iPad possesses. What this will do the battery life is anyone’s guess.

The rumoured release date is the third quarter of this year, which would be pretty fast considering the buyout of Palm will only have been completed a few months before.

This suggests that HP may be taking the hardware behind its Slate project and simply ditching Windows 7 in favour of WebOS.

This may be a very wise move if it wants to take on the iPad, as while Windows 7 would offer more flexibility the speed and ease of use issues would cripple it in comparison to the competition.

TechEye has requested more details on this new device and will update you as we get them.