HP grovels to Chinese laptop users

Giant combine Hewlett-Packard has decided to bite the bullet and has bowed down to numerous complaints from Chinese people who found themselves with defective notebooks.

Yesterday, said the Wall Street Journal, HP put a message on its Chinese site offering free repairs and extended warranty for computers which, let’s put it plainly, were four cans short of a six pack.

Chinese consumer protection groups started an investigation last weekend into why citizens were not offered the same guarantees given to American customers because of defective Nvidia chips.

HP is now peddling the line that it was all just a matter of confusion and it hadn’t intended to suggest that one American customer with an extended warranty was any better than one Chinese customer with a computer that didn’t work properly.

We reported last week that quality watchdog, the General Administration for Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine had reacted to complaints.

The watchdog had the power to force a recall of HP machines, so presumably HP was quaking in its boots at such a thought.