HP encourages people to migrate from Itanium

Sources in Taiwan say that HP is encouraging users to migrate away from the Intel Itanic when it launches the DL980-G7 in June.

HP is targeting users who have made an enterprise decision to move from EPIC and RISC to X86. EPIC, eh?

HP, of course, was a really close Intel partner when the idea of the Itanium was first mooted in the 1990s.

The DL980-G7, according to a vendor who declined to be named, will support 256GB per CPU, with 50 GB/s bandwidth for memory, eight sockets, 8U, eight slots for 2.5-inch drives, eight power supplies, ILO3 – that’s a new rev – and runs ESX4.1.

Intel hasn’t been talking about the Itanium very much recently, but has to support a number of government and other customers who took the decision to plump for EPIC architecture.