HP demos roll up screens

Maker of jolly expensive printer ink, HP and Arizona State University have been showing off their new design of flexible displays.


The big idea is to create a display which is so flexible you can roll it up like a newspaper and if needs be swat a fly with it.


While HP said that the new designs are sort of flexible they are lighter, cheaper and easier to mass produce, they do have a few problems.


According to what HP CTO Phil McKinney says in the video below, you can only roll and unroll the display about six times before it starts to wrinkle.


However it is a trumph of technology even if it does not really work.


The new design uses Self-Aligned Imprint Lithography (SAIL) to print very thin transistor arrays on long rolls of flexible plastic, similar to how a newspaper press runs.


The problem is that that they have not worked out a backing material that can be rolled and unrolled repeatedly without wrinkling.