How to cook eggs on a Fermi card

Who doesn’t enjoy a good bit of mythbusting? And Legit Reviews certainly gets top marks for its cracking attempts to cook an egg on a smoking hot Fermi card.


Apparently forum members had been bandying around comments and photos, implying that Fermi was running so hot, it could be used as a BBQ grill, but ever the realist, LR’s Nathan Kirsch hooked his system up to a temperature monitor, made himself a little aluminum plate, cracked an egg and began benchmarking.


Kirsch notes that there had been some problems with the version of Fermi reviewed by press last week ( but that the latest build ( had incorporated “minor tweaks and bug fixes” which apparently solved some of the overheating issues.

True, there were still some problems with dual monitor idle temperature, but apparently Nvidia’s boffins are working hard to get those fixed this week, ensuring that the system’s fan should kick in when temperature reaches around 70 degrees C, rather than around 80 degrees C.

But until the problem is fixed, LR decided to test the theory that the card was actually so hot it could be used to cook a fry up. Kirsch configured his system leaving the GTX 480 card to sit at idle with two monitors plugged in, at an ambient temperature of a shockingly high 87C. But even that wasn’t enough to cook his super free range egg.


“After nearly 45 minutes of running benchmarks and playing some games the egg white was turning white, but it was nowhere near cooked,” writes Kirsch, adding “if you turned the fan down lower you might have some better luck.” 

Well, kudos for the effort, and we can only hope Nvidia is going to fix that dual monitor problem pronto, because hard boiled or runny, that’s certainly not an eggsemplary temperature.