House of Commons treated to £17k in iPads

House of Commons staff have been treated to £17,000 worth of iPads this year it has been revealed.

According to Lib Dem MP John Thurso, answering on the behalf of the House of Commons Commission, there have been a total of 17 iPads purchased for use in the Commons.  A further 17 have been purchased for use by in-house tech exerts PICT.

Having been asked by Tory MP Simon Hart about the cost and amount of iPads, Thurso explained that there are is an ongoing trial to test the benefits of the Apple tablet.

“They are being used to explore how mobile computing might be used to support the work of Parliament, and what cost savings or environmental benefits might be gained,” said Thurso, who didn’t add that ‘we thought they look quite cool’.

“A similar pilot is taking place with hon. Members on the Administration Committee,” he continued.

Apparently top of the range, 3G-enabled versions of the iPad were on offer for staff hankering for the latest gadgetry, Thurso explained.

“The iPads were models iPad 1 and 2 with 3G and wi-fi connection,” he said. “The total cost of the devices was £17,019.59.”

The House of Lords has been keen to get their hands on iPads, and it seems throughout government there is something of an Apple giveaway on the tax payer’s buck.

Whether or not consant access to Twitter will cause even more arguements in the Commons is unclear.