Hitachi to roll out super thin 1.5mm LCD in 2011

Hitachi has developed a touch panel LCD in time for the huge adoption in the smartphone and tablet market which it boasts is 30 percent thinner than existing models on the market.

The touch panel portion of the display is just 0.1mm – down from the standard 0.5mm. It has done this by ditching glass substrate. The overall panel is down to 1.5mm – less than the current 2mm. 

Hitachi’s big idea is that combined with its control software, its thin panels will not suffer from touch-panel noise emission – common in thinner panels. As weight is always an issue in the mobile space by cutting down on thickness we’ll see even more versatile kit, lighter and appealing when integrated in hardware while not sacrificing on picture quality. (subscription) reports that Hitachi is planning to get these anorexic panels into full production in the second half of 2011. By then tablets won’t be an emerging market but instead established – and smartphones will no doubt be the top of every mobile manufacturer’s agenda.