Hitachi says hello to new MLC SSDs

Hitachi GST thinks it has cracked an affordable enterprise-class Multi Level Cell (MLC) SSD – which will be a cost effective alternative, it claims, to Single Level Cell SSDs.

Of course, there’s a new product to plug here, and that is the Ultrastar SSD400M MLC family, using Intel’s 25nm MLC NAND Flash. It’s out in a 2.5 inch form factor, including 6Gb SAS interface – and runs in 200GB and 400GB capacities.  Hitachi claims the overall write endurance is 7.3 petabytes over a life cycle. 

Ultrastars can deliver 56,000 reads and 24,000 write Input/Output Operations per Second. Like the SLCs there’s all the stuff you’d expect from enterprise kit, so that’s data protection, error correction and herror handling. 

Hitachi says there are different reasons for MLCs and SLCs, and it’s all to do with what you want from enterprise applications. MLCs are cheaper and you can store more of your stuff on them, and should be used for read-intensive applications.

But SLC SSDs are good for write-intensive applications. So you can pair them up in the enterprise. Hitachi sells both…