Hitachi Maxell announce 50TB tape drive

Hitachi Maxell and the Tokyo Institute of Technology have announced the development of an ultra high capacity tape media device at a whopping 50TB.

The joint venture has produced what they are touting as a “world-record” in areal density of 45.0Gb per inch squared using a facing targets sputtering method.

Tape storage has always offered higher capacity than a standard hard drive, but this new one will offer 33 times more storage than the current highest model, the LTO Ultrium 5.

The super-high density nanometer-sized magnetic thin film was achieved by the combination of Hitachi Maxell’s tape medium design technologies and the new thin-film formation method. It allowed them to make large-capacity magnetic tape by low-noise laminated soft magnetic underlayers and magnetic recording film with less than 10 nanometer in diameter crystal grains.

All we care about is that it’s 50TB, with Hitachi Maxell promising more in the future.

Of course, your average user probably won’t have one of these lying around the house, so it will be targetted towards places like public record offices, libraries and electronic archives. Indeed, it may come in handy for storing the 40 million newspaper pages the British Library plans to digitise.

We might have been excited about the recently announced 3TB Seagate hard drive, but if tape devices can go to 50TB imagine what kind of hard drives we’ll have in a few years time.


50tb Tape Drive