Hitachi-LG develops 1TB Blu-ray cartridge prototype

HitachiLG has developed a prototype of a 1TB Blu-ray Disc cartridge storage device.

The prototype was revealed at the CEATEC electronic trade show in Japan this week, where Hitachi-LG said it will function like a network-attached storage unit, with four HDD bays and two additional slots for cartridges, which will hold eight Blu-ray Discs.

If the Blu-ray Discs used the new BDXL format, which allows 128GB of storage per disc, then each cartridge will hold 1TB of data.

The cartridges will contain RFID chips, allowing them to be read by a handheld scanner, which means files could be found and retrieved quickly, or a list of files contained on the device can be obtained.

It will also allow the user to program automatic back-ups, an area highlighted as one of the main selling points.

The need for higher capacity storage devices is always increasing. But especially now, particularly with the advent of high definition and 3D video which take up a decent chunk of space.

While the BDXL format is a huge leap in the right direction in terms of Blu-ray Discs, Hitachi-LG is hoping its new storage device will push things further.

It is expected to be on sale some time in 2011. Pricing has yet to be decided.