Here comes a TweakTown week in review

Hello TechEye viewers, this is TweakTown’s Content Editor reporting back once again with another weekly update of the highlights over at TweakTown recently.

Spinning the week up as we quickly close in on the xmas break, no doubt many of you are looking to put your feet up and get some long overdue gaming time. If you’re a fan of Assassins Creed, we checked out the latest instalment, Revelations on the PS3.

Revelations picks up after Brotherhood ended. Ezio has travelled to the crossroads of the world, Istanbul/Constantinople in order to try and track down the discs that a certain other Assassin has left him to find in the battle against the Templars. And that really is all there is to it.

Continuing our spree of X79 motherboard reviews, early in the week we chucked ASUS’ P9X79 Pro on the testbed for a solid going over. This offering is the cheapest of the four X79 ASUS boards we’ve had pass through our labs, but this certainly was no indication of it being a dissapointment. To the contrary, post testing we found it worthy of our Editor’s Choice award.


The best thing about the P9X79 Pro is simply the fact that it’s very ASUS in the way it’s great on so many areas. The fact that doesn’t come at the near $400 US price tag as seen on the Deluxe or the $469 US price tag on the Rampage IV Extreme is what makes it really stand out as a great option for people who are on the hunt for a performance motherboard.

On the hunt for a really nice quad channel memory kit to pair up with that beastly X79 rig you’re building over the xmas break? We got a hold of a fantastic kit from G.Skill this week in the RipjawsZ series PC3-19200 (2400MHz) 16GB Kit. On the timings side of things, they’re pretty relaxed at 11-11-11-31-1T @ 1.65v which is currently the most relaxed 2400MHz DDR kit we’ve seen to date with the other kits we’ve looked at coming in at CL10.


On the other hand, our experience with overclocking and tinkering of the timings on this kit proved to be really impressive with more flexibility on tap than you’d expect from an already high speed kit out of the box. Not to mention, G.Skill provides you with a fancy looking box and not one, but two dual channel memory coolers to take care of the dual module setup on both sides of the CPU socket on the new X79 platform.

If you’ve been saving your pennies for a super quick storage setup (which undoubtedly means you’ve been eyeing off your options in the ever growing SSD market), we got hold of a wicked cool setup that we push to the limits using a RAID 0 configuration on Areca’s trusty ARC-1882i RAID card – no less than four of Crucial’s new 256GB m4 series drives to put through their paces and compare directly to Crucial’s previous generation, highly acclaimed C300 drives to see if there are some notable improvements using the latest in SSD technoloy.


If it’s big fat MB/sec numbers, lightening quick access times combined with big storage capacity you seek, this article should have you salivating at the very thought of such a setup, except perhaps for the hit on the ole’ wallet.

In keeping with their traditional run of monthly updates, you may have noticed AMD kicked out its final set of Catalyst drivers for the year during this week for Radeon graphics cards, the 11.12s and in typical fashion we put them to the test, comparing them to the previous months set to help you decide whether or not its worth making the jump across to the latest set.


Wrapping up the week, if you’re looking for a decent new set of gaming headphones, our audiophile reviewer James tested Corsair’s latest Vengeance 1500 Series headset and was overall very impressed with what it offered for the respective price point set.


Using full sized 50mm drivers combined with official Dolby 7.1 virtual surround support and a comforting yet durable design, the headphones exceled in all key areas and compared with what else we have heard, the Vengeance 1500 must be one of the nicest headsets for just shy of one hundred dollars. And when coupled with the software included it forms a formidable force to be reckoned with by competitors.

That wraps up the major happenings from our neck of the woods over this past week. Until next time, adios folks!