Heise gets Fermi benchmarks

The lucky Heise folk have had benchmarks of Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 470 leaked to them at Hannover’s CeBIT trade fair.

According to Heise, the card scored 7511 points in 3Dmark Vantage Xmode. In Unigine, the GTX470 scored 29fps with tessellation turned on. ATI’s Radeon HD5850 only ran 27fps. A glance at the BIOS revealed the shader cores run at 1255MHz, GDDR5-memory at 1600MHz. Rumours currently have it that the top-end GTX480 won’t be rolled out with a full 512 cores.

That’s more than we were able to lay our hands or eyes on. A rather tired and sapped writer forgot to ask interesting questions after being lulled into hypnosis by a very skilled Nvidia PR guy. At least the rocket sled demo was very interesting and nice to see, as well as the 3D racing track demo with 3 monitors.

Heise, by the way also managed to get a shot of a Fermi GPU from probably the same Taiwanese mobo maker which gave them the GTX470 specs. All we got was a shot of a case with the card upside down in it and Nvidia breathing down necks, looking at the viewfinder. Oh, and we also got a nice Nvidia-branded Dicota laptop bag.

Talking about laptops, Nvidia also had an Ionised netbook on display running a HD movie trailer. Battery life of the unit was 4h 45min, despite the Ion GPU being switched on. Earlier on, Intel explained it believes in a balanced system and so on, which is why it integrates lacklustre graphics and merely allows other parties to connect per PCIe – which is “just enough”, according to Nvidia.

Ion battery life

Ion looks balanced enough, especially considering Nvidia’s Optimus switchable graphics tech will magically turn Ion off if a user is simply writing an email or viewing non-HD content on his or her browser. We hope to get our sweaty palms on an Ion netbook and put it through its paces soon.