Hardware makers will not follow Foxconn

While Foxconn has increased its pay to workers in a bid to stop them topping themselves, other outfits working in similar setups in China have rejected the idea.

According to Digitimes, first-tier notebook makers Compal Electronics and Wistron indicated that they were surprised at Foxconn’s generosity.

Apparently the idea of paying their Chinese staff is a bit of a problem and they will not do so for the time being.

The notebook makers have pointed out that since Foxconn’s salary increase has performance quota conditions, the actual impact to the company may not be as serious as market watchers expect.

Digitimes asked them if they were not worried about losing skilled labour to Foxconn and they appear to have shrugged.

The raise is mainly targeting Foxconn’s Shenzhen plant in southern China and most notebook and component makers’ factories are located in central and eastern China.