Hanvon releases first colour e-reader

A Chinese e-book firm has announced the release of what it describes as the world’s first colour electronic paper book.

The e-book, designed by Hanvon Technology, uses an E Ink Triton screen offering colour images for the first time on such a scale.

Launched at the FPD International Exhibition in Chiba, Japan, the A4 sized e-book is able to offer a new way to read your copy of The Sun in full colour, as well incorporating handwriting technology, presumably for crosswords but Hanvon insist that there are uses for this in the workplace as well.

The device will allow the storage of data that will also include books and even a small number of games. 

Hanvon’s e-book will also incorporate TTS voice making instant Chinese-English translations possible, as well as supporting PDF documents so will provide benefits for business purposes.

The device will connect to WIFI and 3G wireless networks, and will also support a small number of games.