Half a billion people worship at the Facebook shrine

Social notworking site DeFacebook is expected this week to announce that 500,000 people across the world are members.

And to celebrate the number, Facebook is expected to announce a marketing push called Facebook Stories.

These will be touching tales from Facebook members telling how the site has changed their lives. For some, apparently, Facebook has been the conduit for love. For others, Facebook has cost people their jobs but we don’t expect these to be featured on Facebook Stories.

To put the 500,000 number into perspective, it represents the population of 14 Lichtensteins. But there’s only one Mark Zuckerberg so it represents half a billion Zuckerbergs.

On Facebook you can find your friends and your enemies and publicly put up information that you’ll live to regret the next day when you wake up with a hangover and realise what you’ve done.