GTX 580s in SLI, Brazos motherboard, Seasonic X-Series PSU

Tweaktown tested two Nvidia GeForce GTX 580 1536MB graphics cards in SLI, using one MSI model and a reference card. The performance was amazing, with the setup having no difficulty playing most games at max settings, while delivering good power efficiency. It doesn’t come cheap, but offers plenty of bang for that buck.

The ASRock E350M1 motherboard was tested by Tom’s Hardware. It’s the first board based on the Brazos platform, utilising AMD’s E-350 APU. Performance was reasonable, particularly for the price, but the APU did not quite match up to the hype.

HardwareHeaven reviewed the ECS H67H2-M Black Deluxe and H67H2-I Mini-ITX motherboards, giving both ratings of 9 out of 10 and a Silver Award. Whether or not they were good value could not be decided, since prices have yet to be confirmed, but they are expected to be competitive.

The Maingear Clutch 13 ultraportable laptop was reviewed at HotHardware. The 13.3-inch device was praised for its powerful processor, good design, low temperature and ease of customisation, but it lost marks for screen glare, weak graphics performance, lack of ports, including no USB 3.0, poor battery life and high price.

HardwareSecrets reviewd the Seasonic X-Series 850 W power supply unit, calling it “impressive” due to its over 90 percent efficiency, 3 percent voltage regulation and very low noise. It could also be pushed to 1,000W, giving it plenty of power to play with it, but at $200 it may be a bit pricey for many.