Greenies claim that Nintendo bad for the planet

Environmental lobby group Greenpeace has complained that Nintendo is about as environmentally-friendly as a BP Oil slick.

Its latest report on the environmental polices of the different technology companies complains that Nintendo’s method of dealing with mother earth and nature smelt of Wii.

The Guide to Greener Electronics compiled by Greenpeace actually praised Nintendo for introducing an Energy Star-rated efficient AC adaptor for the Nintendo DSi, and for meeting Europe’s newly approved guidelines for energy-using products on both the Wii and DSi.

But Nintendo still finished up last in the league tables, failing to provide sufficient support and information about electronics recycling programs, air pollution reduction efforts and removal of harmful materials in its hardware manufacturing.

Greenpeace praised the software Imperium Microsoft for its new Xbox 360 Slim, which uses half the amount of energy than the old Xbox 360 model.

However, it slammed the Imperium for the same reasons as Nintendo.

Sony Ericsson finished in a tie for sixth among the 18 major electronics manufacturers included in the report, though Greenpeace primarily focused on the company’s mobile phone production in compiling its rankings.

Nintendo was slated in a similar report earlier this year, and the outfit mounted a strong defense of its environmental protection efforts.

It said that, unlike some companies, it considered the environmental impact of our products over their entire life cycle, from planning to disposal. Each product was designed to be easily broken down for re-cycling.

The new report marks the 11th time Nintendo has finished last in Greenpeace’s report.

The Imperium’s ranking has gone up and down among the latter half of listed companies during the same time period.