Government pays a fortune for desktops, laptops

A UK politician has revealed the average price her department pays for desktop and laptop PCs.

Barbara Follett, from the Department for Communities and Local Government was answering a question from Bob Neill, shadow minister for that department.

Follett said: The average price her department paid in the financial year 2009-2010 was £787 excluding VAT for a desktop and a staggering £1,862 excluding VAT for laptops.

She said that the costs of individual desktops and laptops can vary dpending on the model whether it’s to be bought for networking or standalone use.

If it’s networked, then the cost will include the price of support from the department’s current supplier.

She doesn’t say whether these prices include software, but even so £1,862 plus VAT at 17.5 percent is £2,000 for a notebook.

They do well, these civil servants. We’d love to know which models they are buying.