Google TV prices and info leaked

Pricing and screen size information for the Sony Google TV has been leaked, suggesting it will be well out of the reach of many people.

The leaked information came from Sony Insider, revealing the model names, screen sizes, and exorbitant prices we can expect to pay for them.

A 46-inch model, the NSX-46GT1, will be available for the hefty sum of $1,899.99. The 40-inch NSX-40GT1 will be $1,499.99, while the 32-inch NSX-32GT1 will be $1,299.99.

A smaller 24-inch model, the NSX-24GT1 (spotting a trend with the names yet?) will also be made available, but pricing for this one was not revealed. It will likely be under $1,000, with some suggesting it may be around the $899.99 mark.

That’s quite a steep price to pay, significantly higher than normal high-definition TVs of the same size, making it less likely for these to catch on with the masses.

There’s also the Logitech Revue, with is closer to the Apple TV in that it’s simply a box that connects to your TV via a HDMI port and gives you access to all the Google TV features. This is more modestly priced at $299.99 and is more likely to sell than its Sony counterparts.

In contrast, the Apple 2G is retailing at around $99, only $35.05 more than it costs to manufacture, suggesting that Apple is attempting to do what Nintendo did with its Wii by keeping costs down and appealing to a larger audience. This is an unusual move for Apple, considering its products are usually expensive with steep margins, but it may ensure success against the hyped Google TV.

The Google TV may have some very cool features, such as using your Android phone as a remote, but if prices will be as high as this leak indicates then it’s unlikely to catch on in the way it really could have. But really it’s far too early to tell.

The Sony lineup is expected to officially launch on October 12.