Google TV 2.0 devices rev up engines

Ahead of the CES 2012 news frenzy, LG Electronics has announced it will be the first out of the PR gate with a new line of Google TV 2.0, Android-based LED LCDs.

After a first round of anaemically-powered Google TV devices failed to hit home, Google has been pushing forward with TV 2.0 based on ARM and Android, as expected, not Intel. LG Electronics is the first of the gang of key electronics manufacturers to announce its Google TV 2.0 devices, running Honeycomb, while adding its own Cinema 3D viewing technology to the mix. The as-of-yet unnamed Google TV devices from LG are to be demoed at the company’s CES 2012 press junket, this coming Monday.

One might be left wondering just how Honeycomb, a touch-driven OS, will translate to the TV screen, but digital TV users, who care little for specifications and codenames, will be happy to use LG’s Magic Remote Qwerty. Couch potatoes will enjoy hours, nay, days of voice activated command happiness or flipping over the remote for extra typing gratification. LG says it will work out for the best.

The company, however, won’t be putting its eggs all in one basket. It will continue to develop Smart TV under its own platform, Netcast.

Google TV 2.0 had recently engrossed its ranks with the likes of LG, Samsung and MediaTek, who’ve joined in on the digital TV frenzy with their vertical integration or 3rd party chipsets for added functionality. Google’s biggest challenge, in fact, isn’t getting support from electronics manufacturers, but overcoming the frowned-upon content streaming activity that promises telecoms and TV networks a pot of gold at the end of the intertube’s rainbow.

You can also expect Samsung to follow on the heels of this LG announcement, as it isn’t one to sit idly by while it’s up-staged by its homeland rival.