Google runs into Chromebook glitch

Wannabe hardware company Google looks like it is running into stiff competition on the tablet front.

According to a report in Digitimes, Asus and HTC don’t want to put second generation Chromebooks into place because sales haven’t been so hot, so far.  And PC giant Acer is also just thinking about whether to bite or not.

Chromebook IIs will be priced at between $450 and $550 and that means they’re not really that competitive with Apple’s iPad, nor even with netbooks, kitted with Atoms and Windows.

Google is no doubt also facing competition from a different sphere – Microsoft.  With its plans well advanced to introduce the Windows 8 operating system, no doubt it is wooing the ODMs as we speak.

Google has made attempts to woo the ODMs too – but it doesn’t have the clout that Microsoft, a long term partner with the Taiwanese ODMs, does.

Given that, we can expect to see a bunch of Ultrabooks at Computex in the next week, so it looks like the game is on, as far as competition goes.