Google pushes its tablet back to July at the earliest

The mighty Google is going to release its own tablet this year, but it won’t be with us until July at the earliest.

The Verge got the scoop from someone it identified as close to the project. According to the source, Google’s design was ready for a May launch, but it was delayed until at least July, mostly to push the price down.

Google’s tablet, if it went to market as it is now, would retail for $249 – a little more steep than Amazon’s Fire which has made the most of the market with its entry-level price. It will be equipped with a 7 inch screen, an Nvidia Tegra 3 quad core processor while Asustek got the contract to stick the parts together.

It runs Ice Cream Sandwich at the moment, but some rumours have suggested the delay is so Google can have the tablet ship with the next Android update.

As The Verge points out, the price and small size indicates that Google thinks the main competition, right now, is Amazon and the lower priced devices. Of course, Amazon launched the Fire while selling at a loss – believing it could make up the difference through content sales.

Even though Steve Jobs considered small-screen tablets largely useless, Apple is rumoured to be considering making a 7-inch screen device.