Google plans to sell tablets online

Online search outfit Google is building an online store that will sell tablets, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The store will sell Google-branded tablets as well as models made by Samsung and Asus.

Google has not had much luck with selling stuff online. Sales of its first Android phone, the Nexus One, which were made through a webstore were slow and sold better through mobile operators and other stores.

Google hopes that tablets will be a better target because they are meant to be used in the home and on domestic wi-fi rather than on the street and depending on a mobile network. The Journal said that there is no date set for the opening of the online store.

One of the main motivations for Google’s bid to push into hardware again has been the fact that Motorola’s mobile division, which will give it the ability to manufacture its own handsets and tablets.

The Journal said that Google has considered subsidising the cost of its tablets  to compete on pricing with Amazon’s $199 Kindle Fire.


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