Google launches Google TV website

Google has launched a new website for Google TV, showing off some of the features we can expect on the devices which are set to launch within the coming weeks.

We took a look at the website and were forced to admit that if the Google TV looks as sleek and operates in such a snazzy fashion, then we’re in for a treat.

In some ways it has an Apple feel to it at first, which is probably a little of what Google was going for, considering Apple’s iOS is known for its user experience. Google is attempting to impove with the upcoming Android 3.0 update, but it looks like it has been hard at work implementing a great interface for its Google TV.

The website prompts you to take a tour of the TV’s features, which are numerous. The first feature we’re greeted with is Google’s latest search engine, which combines the internet, an app catalogue, and your TV channels, effectively merging the lot of them.

For example a search for Futurama will bring up the next showing of it, the IMDB listing for it, and any relavant apps that make use of the characters from the show, meaning you don’t have to search the web and channel surf separately anymore.

Google wants a seamless experience that integrates the internet into your TV. Previously it said it did not want users to be forced to choose between the two, so it even allows you to browse the net and watch TV at the same time. For example you could run a small display of the latest football match in the corner while you look up the league tables online.

The Google TV will launch with dozens of apps, such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and Netflix. Google is encouraging developers to jump on the bandwagon to create thousands more next year. 

A really neat feature is the ability to use your mobile phone as the remote control. Details are scarce, but a picture shows a mobile with pause, rewind, and so forth, which will most likely come in the form of an app from the Android market. Google is even promising that it will recognise your voice, allowing you to switch channels or search the web via voice control.

Google said that the Google TV is easy to set up and will work with your current TV, satellite, cable, and internet. It will come in two versions, a full smart TV or a box that can be used with your current telly.

If the new website is anything to go by, and we hope it will be, then the Google TV will make Apple’s offering look dated already.