Google fashioning close relationships with device companies

Search behemoth Google is not going to sit around and let Apple and others dominate the gadget market. Oh no.

Indeed, according to a report on today’s, Google is instead going out and shaking hands with other vendors in a bid to persuade them to adopt Android for their tablet PCs and smartphones.

It quotes a Google VP called Andy Rubin, who doesn’t name any names but doesn’t rule out any vendors, including Japanese manufacturers.

As well as talking to gadget makers, it is also working with semiconductor companies, including LCD manufacturers, in a bid to cut off Apple at the gulch.

It will ntroduce smartphones later this year to catch the Christmas wave and working intensely on tablet technology too, says the report, which you can find here.

Google has already said it will work with Sony to launch internet TVs later this year and in the rest of the world next year.