Global TV shipments rise in Q4 2010

The Global TV market dusted itself off from a not-so-successful third quarter, with shipments in the fourth quarter of 2010 improving.

In fact, shipments in Q4 rose 15 percent to a record 77.6 million units, according to the figures released in the latest DisplaySearch Advanced Quarterly Global TV Shipment and Forecast Report.

Quarter three was bleak, with shipments dipping by nine percent. This didn’t last long thanks to the growth of developed markets such as North America. In fact, China was the only region to decline in Q4’10, with a two percent year-on-year drop, which was down to a decline in CRT TV shipments.

LCD reigned in this quarter . For the first time since Q1 in 2010 it beat plasma with stronger year-on-year growth. This was because prices for LED-backlit LCD TV models fell a little faster -increasing LED share to 30 percent for the first time.

It was bad news for standard CCFL-backlit LCD TVs, which fell comparably quickly thanks to panel prices declining up stream in the supplychain, according to DisplaySearch.

Plasma TV growth continued to be quite positive, rising 20 percent year-on-year, although the company warned that this could be short lived with signs that the growth rate was starting to slow as LCD TV prices became competitive at several key sizes, particularly 42 inches.


Paul Gagnon, Director of North America TV Research for DisplaySearch, said: “Demand for flat panel TVs remains strong. However, consumers held off on purchases during a very stable pricing period in 1H’10.

“LCD TV panel prices started falling in July, but due to the length of the supply chain, it takes about a quarter for those prices to be realised at retail.”

Flat panel shipments fared well thanks to growth in regions such as Japan, North America and Western Europe.

This was particularly noticeable in Japan, a market with very high flat panel TV household penetration, which saw total TV shipments increase more than 100 percent year on year, to over 10 million units. This was a first for the country and fuelled by the fact that consumers rushed to take advantage of the government sponsored Eco-Points program before it ended.  

The holiday season helped bolster shipments in North America as people took advantage of sales and discounts.

DisplaySearch also found that 3D TVs accounted for about nine percent of total TV revenues worldwide in Q4’10, while LED-backlit LCD TVs also continued to grow rising to 30 percent of total LCD TV unit shipments for the first time.

Samsung took the number one spot on a revenue basis, with a 21.2 percent share of total global TV revenues and a 21.4 percent share of global flat panel TV revenues. For the full year 2010, Samsung remained in this position for flat panel TV, while Panasonic was the number one plasma TV brand.

For 3D TV, Sony was the top 3D LCD TV brand on a unit shipment basis in Q4’10, and Panasonic was the top 3D PDP TV brand. However, in total combined 3D TV shipments across all technologies, Samsung was the leader.